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United Shalom Pentecostal Church is a registered charity. To spread and propagate the full gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ , we believe that the Love of Jesus Christ needs to be shared not just in words but in action. People are debilitated by reason of their infirmity, sickness, disability, age, social or economic circumstances . We consider it our responsibility to be a source of help to the few whom we can reach, and restore their life for the better to the best of our ability.  

Our main activities 

Our work centres in helping the poor and needy in United Kingdom and in India ( but not limited to these Countries.) In the UK currently we focus in Manchester. Once every month we feed the hungry in streets.  Also  we provide winter clothes to the homeless. We also organize a food bank for the local community around the Manchester church . We believe the efforts we take support people in need at their time of need. 

Most of the members in our Churches are from India and we consider it a responsibility to help our brethren in India. We help the poor in India by varying proportions . We help communities restore and rehabilitate after natural calamities. Wedding functions are sometimes too unaffordable for poor families. We help families conduct the marriage functions . We help genuine families who struggle without a shelter to build their house. 

We raise funds for the charity by church member donations, conducting fund raising programs including musical evenings, charity dinners, selling used furnitures, Car wash and other fund raising programs. 

Shalom Charity Mission also believes sharing goodness without sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is fruitless. Being a helping hand in time of someones need is important, but sharing the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is even more important. Shalom Charity Mission is also determined to do evangelical missionary work which raises the name of Jesus Christ as the only saviour of Man Kind. We currently aim to start and establish missionary works in India.  

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